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Halloween and Christmas Songs!

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The PEACE ON EARTH holiday CD -- featuring 'Cut the Fat, Santa', and 'Toys Are Better Than Boys' -- can be found at:

Dr Demento Show
The Simons and Cameron creepy, crazy Christmas single: "A Very Scary Merry Christmas", is played on the world famous DR. DEMENTO SHOW every Christmas season. This weird and wacky Christmas single is from the original musical screen-play soundtrack. Click below to listen to the live recording of this song on the Dr. Demento Show:
Dr. Demento Show - Clip #1


A Very Scary Merry Christmas is inspired by ghosts and monsters, performed by ghouls and goblins, and aimed at the little 'meanies" in all of us….. Merry Christmas from Transylvania.

It is a crazy collection of haunted and demented Holiday pieces and includes:
   1 - A Very Scary Merry Christmas
   2 - Haunted Holiday
   3 - Dead Cowboys Love Christmas Too

Other creepy songs due out include: "Do You Fear What I Fear?" and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Spider".

These, and more, haunted holiday songs are from the Simons & Cameron original musical screenplay: A Very Scary Merry Christmas©. Boris, Drabula, Igor and the rest of Transylvania's holiday revelors, have an evil plan this Christmas: why those monsters are going to lure Santa to Transylvania so they can, GULP!, eat his poor reindeer... WITH RUDOLPH AS THE MAIN COURSE!!!

It is no surprise to Boris that Drabula wants Blood for Christmas, but will Igor get the "Peace on Earth" and "Good Will" that he so desires? Keep Listening!

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